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Why Play Sports at John Melvin University?

John Melvin University Miller Athletics Is More Than Just A Game!

Competing at the collegiate level is a privilege that approximately 200 young men and women can experience each year as they begin their academic careers at John Melvin University. The purpose of JM University athletics is to put a group of young men and women on a field or court and let them represent the values of their school with pride. JM University athletics provides a sense of community and entertainment and is essential to the university and student retention. Collegiate sports programs, just like professional sports, entertain crowds. 70% of higher education leaders agree that athletics is an important component of higher education.

Direct participants in JM University athletic programs will develop good fitness habits, competitiveness, drive, and discipline while improving their relationship with God. What our athletes learn about teamwork, individual responsibility, determination, and goal-oriented tasks prepares them for their future as they become quality employees and successful business leaders. Also, the lifelong friendships they form with teammates can follow them far off the field or court. Even students merely shouting from the sidelines can be united in a common bond and develop lifelong commitments to their fellow students and their university.

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