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Leave your Legacy

Be part of the growth of JMU's Christian Culture and Community

Colleges positively impact communities. Christian Colleges positively impact the world. The mission of John Melvin University is to build a strong community in Crowley while positively impacting society.


The John Melvin University's "Mission to Multiply" campaign is designed to develop Christian leaders and align JMU with reputable businesses and organizations committed to the mission and core values of our Christian student-athlete experience. Resources and funds generated annually through sponsor partnerships and donations go directly towards enhancing and supporting the school's community, athletic programs, and more than 150 student-athletes. John Melvin University encourages our students to pursue excellence in academics, athletics, faith, and community involvement.

Corporate sponsorships are a great asset in helping us reach our goal of providing exceptional learning experiences for John Melvin University student-athletes while providing advertising and sponsorship exposure opportunities for businesses and organizations. John Melvin University continuously identifies market opportunities and adds value to businesses and organizations that want to be actively involved with the JMU Mission. John Melvin University can personalize a marketing strategy to reach a diverse audience. All aspects of the corporate partnership program are customizable and strive to meet your business needs.

Contribute to a Strong Christian Community

John Melvin University has started the planning and development phase of the Future JMU campus and University Square Neighborhood. 

If you would be interested in helping with the planning and development of this Christian Community, email

Join the Mission to Multiply God's Kingdom

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