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Join the Mission to Multiply His Kingdom

JMU is on a mission to multiply Christian Leaders across the USA

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"Providing Opportunities and Investing in Christian Athletes"

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Mail Checks Payable to:
JMU Millers Foundation
123 N. Parkerson Ave.

Crowley, LA 70526

Welcome to the John Melvin University Millers  Foundation (JMUMF).  The JMUMF is a non-profit organization that serves as the official fundraising organization for the John Melvln University Millers Student-Athletes. Every dollar raised goes to support the advancement of our academics, our faith, and our Christian athletes. 

JMU family, friends, and fans - Thank you so much for taking the time to view our foundation page. All money raised helps our teams secure funds for scholarships, uniforms, travel, equipment and more. Your contribution towards this foundation will make the difference in our success. Please share this webpage with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.  We would greatly appreciate your support. You will receive a receipt in your email. Thanks in advance for your support. Go Millers!

Vision Statement: 

To obtain financial resources and revenue through fundraising, donations, sponsorships, and philanthropy that provide John Melvin University's student-athletes opportunities to reach their full potential academically, athletically, and spiritually; and to equip coaches with the assistance essential to thrive and advance to the top-level in collegiate sports. 

Mission Statement:

To engage and inspire donors, alumni, and fans nationally to entrust in John Melvin University Athletics by promoting our student-athlete's accomplishments in the classroom, community, and on the athletic fields/courts while exhibiting genuine gratitude for their passion and devotion to the growth and achievement of John Melvin University's student-athletes. 

Below, you may choose to provide support for individual sports programs through our Student-Athlete Excellence Foundation. These programs allow you to earmark additional support that goes directly to a particular ports program, the  general athletic department, or to academic scholarships.

JMU Booster Donations Levels

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